Whether you’re small or midsize business, one of the key ways to stand out in today’s digital world is to provide your customers (current and prospective alike) with the best possible online customer experience. What does this mean? As Craig Borowski explains, “(the) customer experience is the overall quality of all the interactions a consumer has with a company and its products and services. These include pre- and post-sale interactions, and can be either direct—e.g., when a customer calls a company’s service department—or indirect, such as when a customer reads a social media post about another person’s interaction with the company.”

Successful companies such as Amazon and Starbucks thrive on giving their loyal customers the ultimate customer experience. So, what are the takeaways you can learn from these stellar companies in order for you to provide your customers with a similar online experience?

Here are 7 Digital Marketing Strategies to help enhance your company’s customer experience:

1. Well-thought out and seamless web design across all devices

Your website should be accessible and highly adaptive to all devices, whether your customer is using desktop or a laptop, a tablet or a smartphone. Your website should also be easy to navigate with the fewest unnecessary mouse clicks and scrolling, or finger swiping. Amazon is best at this and here are examples of its website using a desktop, smartphone, and their app:

2. Fast loading website

Remember that popular saying, “Time is gold”? Well, this is so true and relevant today. Try to keep your website’s load time to a few seconds across all devices, and this will help keep your customers tuned in and keep their attention. “Today’s online customers want the information they need when they need it, at the click of a mouse or a swipe of a tablet or smartphone,” says Ari Weil, vice president of Yottaa, a cloud-based automation platform. “And retailers have only milliseconds to grab their attention and complete the transaction. Amazon, for example, has shown that every 100 milliseconds of latency cost them 1 percent in sales, while Walmart reports conversion rates rise 2 percent for every second of reduced load time.”

3. Great high quality photos

Customers love seeing high quality photos which gives them almost the virtual feel of seeing a product in real life. The Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts provides a good example of high quality photos that emphasize luxury and an unforgettable stay at one of their high-end hotels.

4. Add customer reviews

Customers love to hear from other customers and so let them! Encourage them to write comments whether on your website or through one of your social media channels. “Customer reviews are trusted 12 times more than a marketing piece from an organization,” says Hunter Montgomery, CMO, HigherLogic, which provides community management services. “So let them do the talking.” Adding your social media feeds to your website is also a way to increase audience trust like what Encore! has.

5. Self service support

Another way to provide a great online experience for customers is to provide the means for them to find the answers for themselves before actually contacting you. Thus, having a robust site search engine is a must have and will enable them to quickly gather the information and make the decision to purchase the product, initiate a return, or whatever it is that they’re trying to find an answer for. Also, if possible, offer a live chat to your customers. This is another way to instantly interact with them and answer any question or concern they may have.

6. Make it easy for customers to contact you

Nothing frustrates a customer more than to dig into your website to find your email address, phone number, or any other way to contact your company quickly. Ensure that your contact information is displayed in your web page, and as a link. Also, personalize your customer response, on email, Facebook, or Twitter so as to cater to his/her individual needs.

7. Small gestures matter

Whether it’s thanking your customer for his/her glowing recommendation on Facebook or following up with a customer’s email complaint, these things help exceed customer’s expectations. These things add up and foster customer goodwill and loyalty in the long run.

As you can see, enhancing customer experience online is vital for any business in today’s digital world. Follow these digital marketing strategies and you will succeed. Who knows, you might be the next big thing!!

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