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Xtendly's team of professional experts has helped us improve our website for optimal user experience and to strategically reach out to our target audience.”
“I'm amazed at the work Xtendly did for my company. Xtendly did an AMAZING job in getting us a new website that is easy to navigate and responsive to any mobile device. The best part about it is the High Value for the Extremely Low Cost. Thanks for all of your help Xtendly.”
“It's a fulfilling experience collaborating with Xtendly on creating a website for my newly established church. More than achieving how I envisioned the website to look like, they were able to give insights that I find helpful and valuable!”
“Hands down, Xtendly designed and developed an amazing website for us by mapping out our value proposition to help us beat our competition.”
“Dennis, Ronnie and the rest of the Xtendly team are awesome! They are such a great bunch to work with and have worked and continue to work above and beyond our expectations.
Their 24/5 Support Team are quick to respond and we can rely on them to get things done quickly and efficiently. If you're looking for affordable, quality web development & marketing services, I highly recommend Xtendly!!”

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Q: What is defined as a “small” fix?
A: Any fix or edit that takes thirty (30) minutes or less?

Q: What type of fixes and edits typically take thirty (30) minutes
or less?
A: Typically any request that encompasses:
1. Front-end work that involves CSS & HTML
2. Changes to the standard configuration settings of Brilliant Directories

Q: What type of fixes and edits typically take more than
thirty (30) minutes?

A: Typically any request that encompasses:
1. Back-end work that involves custom coding changes to the application interface, server and database
2. Custom coding changes like PHP to the standard configuration settings of Brilliant Directories

Q: How much do fixes, edits and customizations cost that take more than thirty (30) minutes?
A: All fixes, edits and customizations that are above thirty (30) minutes are quoted on a fixed-fee project by project basis. Customers that are on a Basic Support monthly subscription plan get a 15% discount on all fixed-fee projects which can range from $14 to $49/hour.

Q: How fast do “small” fixes and edits take to complete?
A: All fixes and edits are handled on a “first come, first serve basis” that are only submitted to: Typical “small” fixes are completed within 24 hours.

Q: Is there “voice” support available?
A: It’s important that all support requests be submitted in writing to so that your request can be documented, tracked and monitored. In the event that your request cannot be resolved via email, your assigned Xtendly Project Manager will contact you via phone.

Q: How does the setup process work so that I can start submitting cases ASAP?
A: After payment is submitted, customers will receive their welcome email. Within the welcome email is an introduction to their project manager along with new client survey. Once the customer completes the survey 100% and admin credentials are assigned to us, you can begin submitting your requests.

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