Can SEO & Content make or break your company?

These days, business owners don’t simply get up and head to their business. They have an entirely new aspect to consider: their online bottom-line. Websites are one of the biggest revenue channels out there, but a site is only as effective as it is visible. If browsers or potential customers can’t find your business when doing online searches on Google, Yahoo or Bing then they won’t find you.  This is what quality SEO content writing services are for: it puts you in front of your target consumer through a search engine’s unpaid (aka, organic) search results.

Why is SEO and content writing important?

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the use of a variety of tools, including appropriate keywords and phrases within your website content, online advertisements, and a variety of other specialized techniques to increase site visibility and increase a site’s conversion rate (how many people go from browsing to buying).

It’s VERY important because a website depends on the quality of its content writing to attract guests, increase traffic and site conversion. A marketing service that writes and creates quality and compelling content with specifically targeted keywords can bring in huge improvements in web traffic, conversion and ultimately revenue. It’s also a method for a consistent way of presenting your products and services.

What exactly is ‘SEO’?

SEO is the use of a variety of tools, including appropriate keywords and terms within website content, online advertisements, images, videos, and a variety of other specialized techniques to increase site visibility and increase a site’s conversion rate (how many people go from browsing to buying). These keywords and phrases are specifically chosen based on the average search volume of those keywords by your target consumers.  The process of identifying which keywords to use is often referred to as “keyword research”.  Content writing services use a number of methods to optimize a site’s ability to get first and top of page search engine results.  Here’s a few of those methods in ‘everyday’ speak:

  • Keyword frequency: the number of times that targeted keywords are inserted into the body of content while maintaining a natural sounding level of readability
  • Meta tags & Headings: inserting information about the content of a specific web page into the URL string, which can be used by search engines to help categorize the page correctly.
    1. Editorial Links – this is the result of creating great content and people reading it and taking it upon their initiative to placing a link on their website to yours as a reference.
    2. Outreach Links – this is the manual effort of someone emailing or submitting requests to other reputable websites and online directories where your target audience might go to for information to find a company like yours.  In some cases, there are costs associated with listing your company and content on someone else’s site.  In other cases, the person requesting to link has to convince the other party that their site and content will add value to their visitors.
    3. Non-Editorial Links – there are thousands of websites, forums and blogs that allow visitors the opportunity to participate in their community by posting comments, their user profile on their website which opens up the ability to insert a link back to your company.  You’ve got to be aware that this could also appear spammy if whatever is that you’re posting is not relevant to that specific online community which could hurt you if not done with quality.
  • Site structure: by improving your website’s structure and navigation, you can make it easy for search engines to index the information on your website to help a search engine find your page easier.

How can it ‘make’ my business?

In today’s digital age, a business will find it very very hard to survive if it does not have a website that’s up and running online. Everyone is going online AND mobile today, searching for virtually every piece of information, products and services, ready to buy, right here and right now. In fact, cites that 81% of all consumer and business to business purchases start with an online search.  So, if you’re not implementing ways to improve your customer’s ability to find you online, you’re reducing your chances of succeeding by 81%.

In addition, in the Mobile Path-toPurchase study by Telmetrics, 46% of consumers are using their mobile device as their primary search tool.  Again, if you’re not improving your websites mobile responsiveness,  you’re missing out on another 46% of those consumers who could be looking for you.  Having a website with the right SEO AND Mobile strategy will keep your business thriving even in a field with tough competition.

Are you sure my business will ‘break’ without it?

While nothing, including failure is guaranteed, it’s important to understand that you can certainly increase your chances of success in any situation by taking the right steps and making the right choices. As they say, “you have to play to win” so by doing nothing,  you’re not helping yourself at all! Your website’s online presence is no different than most things in life and business…no action, no results.

If you opt to forego paying any special attention to the online marketing side of your business, you’ll be literally turning your back on your chances for success. Today you’ve gotta keep up with the others in the race, and since everything is done online that means making your business stand out. This is done through the proper use of SEO, period.

So what should I do?

The first step is to identify your target audience and their buying behavior and persona.  From there, gain as much education regarding online business and SEO as possible. Learn what it consists of – you’re gonna be surprised at how economical and easy it really is to get things moving in the right direction. Once you have a better understanding, you can determine if you are able to handle the necessary tasks yourself or if you should look into hiring a company with a focus on providing quality SEO content writing services. Either way you’ll be well on your way down the right path.

You didn’t start your business so you could watch the competition pass you by, you started it to make money and succeed. Search engine optimization, with a focus on great content will help you do just that. Take advantage of the power available to you, your business, and your potential clients or customers by taking advantage of all the great results that SEO can do for you today!