You want to be better at social media marketing? Well, you’re gonna have to take your marketing strategies a notch higher – it’s as simple as that! And when it comes to social media marketing, Facebook is still KING.

There are more than 1.44 billion active Facebook users these days (yes, that’s billion with a “B”) – and they are growing at least 13 percent every single year. There are 2.92 billion internet users worldwide in 2014. Facebook users are almost half of that number!

A massive billion users are hard to ignore, that’s why 42 percent of marketers worldwide consider Facebook as very critical in building their brand’s awareness and engagement. 890 million Facebook users check their profiles every single day – and marketers all over are scrambling to build their brands through this platform. This is one crowded marketplace for sure – a place where competition for audience attention is high.

The key to successful Facebook social marketing, as many experts agree, is positioning your brand correctly and making sure you stand out from the crowd. Studies reveal that knowing how to maximize Facebook’s paid advertising program, posting useful and relevant content can yield an average of 450% ROI.

How exactly should you do that?

By taking advantage of these five must-use Facebook features for social media marketers, that’s how!

#1 Interest Targeting

If you want to run a successful social marketing campaign, you would market to the right type of people. With Facebook’s interest targeting, you can clearly define your audience based on their age, location, gender, interests, activities, hobbies, education, even Pages they like or groups they belong to.

Facebook’s advertising tool is very fast and easy to use. Simply select your objectives, audience targeting options, advert images, text, budget, bidding details, and you’re ready to place your order to create your very own Facebook ad.

#2 Product Ads

Last February, Facebook launched the Product Ads feature that allows businesses to promote multiple products, even their entire product catalogs, across all devices customers use. If your business sells more than one product (as most companies do), you’ll find the ability to highlight more of the right products, to the right people as a highly useful feature. This early, many experienced social marketers are saying that properly using the Facebook Product Ads feature can increase website conversions of up to 20 percent.

To get started on this feature, you will need to sign up for a Business Manager Account which will enable you to manage your product catalog. After uploading your catalog, Facebook will automatically start showcasing the right product ads to the right audience at the right time.

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#3 Call to Action (CTA) for Business Pages

We all know what CTAs are for: to provoke an immediate response from your target audience. CTAs spell the difference between a bounce and a conversion. In fact, by correctly using CTAs, many businesses are able to increase click through rates (CTR) and sales from their product pages by 35 percent.

Facebook harnessed the potential of CTAs by incorporating this concept on their business pages. With this awesome feature, account admins now have the ability to add CTA buttons, like “Shop Now,” or “Contact Us,” at the top of their business pages.

#4 All-improved Insights Dashboard

To accurately understand the value that Facebook is bringing to your social media marketing efforts, every marketer needs the Insights Dashboard. With Facebook Insights, you can see the number of people who liked your Page, or the number of people sharing your posts.

The new and improved Domain insights shows marketers all referral traffic received by your Pages and social plugins, including figures on how many people shared your associated sites, or clicked on the Share or Like button.

Facebook also introduced a new section called “Top URLs” which showcases URL-level reporting and displays when popular personalities and Pages like or share a link that you’ve posted.Social Media Marketing Campaign | Xtendly


#5 Video API Updates

Content marketing isn’t limited to blogs, ebooks, and infographics. Many social media marketing experts are increasingly shifting their focus on videos as a way to capture their audience attention and deliver their messages in a more meaningful way.

2015 is a particularly great year for video, with statistics revealing:

52 percent of marketing professionals around the world believe that video has the best ROI among all types of content A whopping 92 percent of marketers use videos for all sorts of communication Putting the word “video” in a subject line significantly increases open rates by 19 percent, click through rates by 65 percent, and cuts unsubscriptions by 26 percent. With this, Facebook announced a series of updates on its Video API this year which gives marketers greater control over their video customizations. Previous APIs allowed admins to add a featured video to their business page. Facebook built upon this, and now also allows users to create video lists to further encourage content sharing. The updated API also allows users to add custom thumbnails, set restrictions to limit audience viewing, or set an expiration date.

Experienced social media marketing experts lead the way in implementing successful campaigns that yield positive results. Avoid the hype and hire the right digital marketing firm to manage your social media. Xtendly offers social media marketing services, website and mobile design, SEO, content writing, and marketing automation.

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