One of the many common misconceptions in this world of marketing is that content writers and copywriters are one and the same thing. Technically, they are the same in nature, in the sense that both are writers but in realm of digital marketing, their purpose is definitely different.

To get the best results, they have defining characteristics and roles that separates one from the other. Let’s delve into the specifics:

Copywriters are praised for the creation and of creative words used in campaigns, where the marketing collaterals are used to encourage and persuade a person or a group to think or react a particular way.

Crafting creative copies are generally achieved in short copies or light storytelling, evoking emotion and a personal connection with the audience. It also lends itself to a humorous or conversational tone, which is perfect for headlines and straplines. For a Copywriter, brevity is vital–the shorter, the better.

Content Writers are somewhat a new breed of writers ever since the evolution of digital marketing. The term wasn’t coined up until recently.

Content Writers seem to have longer lead-times than Copywriters. Their work is a result of well-planned content with the help of proper strategies, strict outlines, feasible timelines, content calendars and the like.

Meanwhile, copywriters can be called on at the last minute to generate an appealing copy. Despite being agile and reactive are two characteristics that should be present in both skill sets, Copywriters are less likely to plan in their workload as precisely as a Content Writer.

In conclusion, the two professions represent two sides of one coin. Content Writers and Copywriters must work hand-in-hand to generate traffic, create meaningful bonds with customers and consumers, and establish brand image. Although they have slightly different responsibilities, it’s paramount to include them both when creating copies and content for websites and other online pages such as social media.

However, as Copywriters grow to combine strategic writing with unique content, they may just have the best of both worlds. As the term Content Writer is still in its early stage of becoming. Perhaps in time, we’ll continue to see and learn more as this digital era continues to grow and evolve.

What do you think? Did you notice any other difference between the two professions? What else would you add? Let us know your thoughts.