Social media is widely considered as an important tool to connect with friends, business partners, clients, and associates. Recent statistics revealed that social media is extremely popular and necessary businesses and brands to be able to build their networks, with 70% of the world’s population subscribing to social media websites. With a potential audience of this magnitude, it is important to keep them engaged with quality content that make them come back to you for more.

These five tips will guide you into making even better content for your audience.

Focus on a specific topic.

It can be awesome to be a jack of all trades, but not on social media. Highly focused social media content bears more authority than general content that aims to impress everybody on your network. A laser focused content lets you focus on your audience’s specific needs and wants. This lets you address them in a more personal manner. Select a topic and stick to it. It can’t get any easier than that.

Compound your content.

Good content helps build and increase participation from your audience. If you post good content, your readers will have fun sharing them on their social media accounts . Encourage them to subscribe to your posts and keep sharing. This will help you compound your content and gain loyal followers. Soon enough, you’ll find your content showing up on search engines simply because it was shared many times over by your readers. Thing is, people will only be motivated to keep sharing if your content is interesting and engaging. So make it a point to create content that is relevant and timely, something that your readers can identify with.

Be a renowned influencer

99 percent of social media influencers owe their authority to quality content, and only 1 percent owe their success to their title and brand. Which side do you aspire to join? If you choose the 99 percent, this is how to do it.

Listen to your audience. Success in social media marketing depends more in listening than talking. Or rather, talking once you’ve listened long enough. So get out there and start listening to what your followers are saying. Get to know what excites them and what gets them going. When you have everything you need to know and apply it when you generate your content, I guarantee that what you create will spark more value to your followers.

Consider your audience’s remarks

Sometimes, your audience will leave remarks on your posts. They will comment on your content regarding how it made them feel, and they might even suggest how it can be better. Taking notes from your followers’ comments, you can tailor your campaign to suit their needs and satisfy their tastes. Remember, the best campaign is content driven and only the right content can guarantee your campaign’s success.

Be available

The only way to keep your fanbase ever active is to be there and engage them. It is not wise to take too long before surprising your audience with something big. You have to be consistent so they will also be consistent with you.

Online followers will never hesitate to replace you with another provider if you don’t show up for days or weeks, regardless of how good your content is. So don’t give them any reason to start looking for something else. Be consistently available. Naturally, people are going to want something new every now and then. But this doesn’t mean they have to go look in another place. Offer them variety and play around all the ways you can satisfy them.

If you have been doing most of what’s mentioned above and still feel unsatisfied with the results of your campaigns, maybe it’s time to talk to the experts.

We at Xtendly would love to hear you out. Together, we can look for solutions to make it better.