Expanding the business is a constant challenge that every entrepreneur and startup faces especially when you’re running a “lean and mean” ship. You want to grow your business so you’re looking for ways to find more bang for your precious buck. You look around and on the internet and see so many blogs out there and you ask yourself, “Does my startup business need a blog?” The answer is most definitely a YES!!

In case you’re not convinced, here’s the TOP 4 reasons why your startup business needs a blog:

1. Blogs help establish your brand and company online

Blogs give you a base or a landing point where you can talk about what interests you, what you are passionate about, and relate that to what your business is all about and the services you provide. Blogs enable you to drive web traffic, that is, funnel people to them because you have provided interesting original content, while indirectly mentioning what your business services or products you offer. In other words, blogs are great indirect marketing tools.

2. Blogs reach a wide audience and helps you get found online

Since blogs give you a place where you can share interests, ideas, thoughtful quotes, new products, product launches, and business updates, to name a few, they supply a line of communication for dialogue with other people. You strike up conversations, make connections with people who may become future customers, industry influencers, business collaborators, and even investor partners. Gradually over time, you’ll end up creating a loyal community of followers.

Think of a blog as a central point and the tools that are used to make connections are the social messaging apps such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Using Starbucks as an example, one of their blogs called Power of Coffee, there was an article on how Starbucks customers helped the company hire 10,000 military veterans, and this same article was mentioned on Twitter. Notice the feedback this post received, and this is just in Twitter. The company has since followed up with another announcement to add more jobs for military veterans.

To learn more about how blogs and social media apps all fit and work together as part of a company’s social media strategy, read our article on Top 4 Ways to Increase Social Media Traffic Without Using Ads.

3. Blogs help establish your business as a prominent thought leader

As stated earlier, blogs are a great way to indirectly market your business. You can showcase your expertise and depth of knowledge in a relaxed get-together discussion with your audience. Using Starbucks, again, as an example, they have their main blog website called 1912 Pike (it is the address of their first coffee shop in Seattle, WA).

Their blog is well-designed and organized according to topic which you can navigate by simply clicking the mouse. As you scroll down their blog, you’ll see that they have discussions for anything relating to coffee, which is their main product – from where their coffee comes from to all the cool stuff they offer now. What is remarkable, as well, is that Starbucks seamlessly integrates their corporate values and company vision. As a thought leader in the corporate social responsibility circle, Starbucks cares about where their coffee comes from (ethical sourcing), they care about the environment and the impact of climate change, and they care about people and their community, which includes both their employees and their customers. The audience clearly knows what Starbucks stand for; their blog helps maintain and augment their brand, which is why Starbucks currently has one of the strongest corporate brands in the world. More importantly, their blog can help raise their audience’s awareness about caring for their community and their environment, initiate dialogue, and receive feedback which will hopefully urge everyone to take action and do his/her part in helping our world be a better place.

4. The cost of creating and maintaining blogs is fairly low

Anyone can set up his/her own blog. You don’t need to learn code and the software such as WordPress is free. All you need is time and attention to set one up and maintain going forward. A majority of the blogs that you see on the Internet today use WordPress. Check out this blog to learn more about setting up a blog using WordPress in less than a day.

There you have it, these are all compelling reasons why your startup business needs to have a blog. What are you waiting for, start one right now!

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