Success online can be simply measured by how many inbound leads you get. No, it’s not the number of visitors you receive, but on how many conversions you make into quality leads. If your website is failing on these numbers, there are two essential factors you need to evaluate; the website itself, and your online marketing plan.

Tips on Revamping Your Website

Think differently. Steer away from the common statement that “your website is YOUR GATEWAY to your consumers”. Instead, take a look at it from the other end of the table. From your customer’s perspective, your website should be THEIR GATEWAY to your products. After all, you built your online presence for your customers. Let’s just say you’re the customer and you happen to visit a particular website, will you stay? Are you enticed to browse through your products? Or do you encounter aspects on your website that puts you off right away?

Consult a professional web design firm on what you can do to improve on your website. This is very different than just going to a website developer. They respectively tap into two opposite sides of the brain. Many of these firms offer free evaluation appointments where you can discuss their ideas on layout and design. Take a few notes on the suggestions and ideas offered by at least two firms and see why your website is on the brink of collapse. It is never too late to take action. A little bit of work could make all the difference.

  • Stick to the basics of simple modern web design. Visual content appeals to people first more than anything. A clean and cutting edge website would have a greater impact on your audience. On the other hand, a website that looks like it was pulled out from the ‘80s would more likely raise eyebrows and be hit with the X button just as quick. In the same sense, a website that looks like it has been taken from a high-school’s scrapbook would be deemed as unprofessional, cluttered and messy. Make your website as pleasing as possible – using simple yet eye-catching designs. Avoid too many options and banners that distract your viewers. If you’re clueless on how to do this, consult proven design methods from a professional web design firm.
  • Avoid the impersonal approach.There’s a thin line between being professional and stiff. You may think that you are exuding an air of elegance by keeping your website as formal as possible, but what it does is rather the opposite. Don’t try to hide behind the logo of your company. People would appreciate a little bit of personality and authentic touch when it comes to your website. People wanna know who they’d be doing business with.
  • Make sure all the links and payment methods on your site are up and functioning non-stop. All the navigation links on your online store should be complete and working. Is the “buy now” button directing them quickly to their shopping cart? Customers stay clear off broken websites or links. It’s frustrating to know that you already have a good lead and its turns sour just because of some technical issue with the website. Make sure your professional web design firm handles all of these perfectly.
  • Improve your lead conversion rates. Your ads and links bring leads to your online store. Your website’s next point of call is to convert these leads into leads for further nurturing or sales. To maximize this, web content should work in sync with the web design and search engine optimization specifics. Also, make sure that the product descriptions, FAQ and support pages provide answers to what the customers need. Great content anticipates what thoughts are going through the mind of your customers when they view your site. It should provide answers to what they are looking for. Your product descriptions should describe the product in a way that it answers pertinent questions your customers may have. Let’s take the trend on sustainable interior materials. Most buyers are now looking for nontoxic and eco-friendly materials that are easy to install and redesign based on their specs. If you’re selling such products, make sure you mention the environmental characteristics on the product description itself. Key phrases like “non-toxic flooring”, “eco-friendly fabric” or even adding the word “organic“ can do wonders on web design and search engine optimization results.

What does it really take to have solid online presence?

An online presence for your business does have one key advantage – exposure to untapped markets. However, launching your own website or online store is not all it takes to generating leads for your business online. Ecommerce trends have changed along with internet technology and consumer demands. Don’t heed the obsolete advice that having a well designed website is all you need.

How to Evaluate Your Current Online Presence

How visible exactly is your website on the internet? There are several tools online that can give you demographic information on how your website is performing in the midst of all the internet chaos. Below are some that will help you evaluate how far your marketing has cast its net.

  • Crazy Egg – This is really very helpful in knowing how your visitors navigate through the pages. Their new concept of heat-mapping lets you see how far most visitors scroll down your content , or which buttons they click the most. It is very useful in suggestign the best layout for your site and which parts you need to have redesigned by your professional web design firm.
  • Alexa – Very powerful in obtaining raw traffic data that you can use for web design and search engine optimization. You’ll also be able to assess weak and strong traffic sources as well as social metrics. Alexa is best at comparing your websites with that of your strong competitors.
  • Quantcast – This one is pretty useful as a media planner or for marketing. It can present demographic information that helps you ascertain which traffic sources and audiences are weak or strong.

Now Go Improve Your Online Presence

Your website is not the first thing customers see. Your ads rather, get the attention of an online visitor. This greatly influences your web design and search engine optimization rank on search results, and your exposure on social networks as well. Unless they type in your company’s web address directly in the URL bar, these are your first hand marketing gateways.

  • Marketing on social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Foursquare and other social sites are your best tools for relatively cost effective advertising. Create your pages and use relevant hashtags that point to your website. Never underestimate the power of social networks. A single viral post can do wonders on your website traffic stats.
  • Go for viral content.This is where getting great content becomes very important to your marketing plan. What makes a post on social networks go viral? Simple, it’s the ability to induce an emotional response from the viewer. Why do you think most people share cute pictures of cats and dogs, or unusual news and ideas? Post content that anticipates emotional response from the audience, whether this is purely trivial or information that they find interesting.
  • Improve your SEO rank.While a professional web design firm could ease you out of the madness of establishing a good website layout, you also need a group of content writers to build the core pieces of it all. As they say, “Content is King”. A good suggestion would be to integrate your other social networking sites to your website so it doesn’t run out of fresh updates. Include common themes from your web design and search engine optimization keywords in all of your content, as it will be your foundation in driving inbound traffic to your website.

There is no need to reinvent the wheel. The message here is to be open in learning the strategies that other successful online companies have already tried, and learn from the mistakes of those who failed. It’s never too late to improve your website and your online presence to get the leads and revenue you’re aiming for.

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